Academy for innovative education and management (aim)

The Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management (Academy for Innovative Education and Management, aim) is among the institutions to benefit from considerable funding in the field of education. A non-profit institution for continuing education, the aim is committed to early childhood education, teaching and school as well as individual qualification.

It considers education a prerequisite for participating in society and shaping people’s lives. The aim develops concepts with the objective of acquiring education over the long term. It supports crèches and kindergartens to create ideal educational backgrounds for all children. The aim also encourages the work of specialised staff in early childhood education to confidently accompany the children on their way from the first years of their lives to primary school entrance. What is more, the institution supports directors in terms of the everyday challenges they are facing in their managerial positions. It considers education a social process jointly shaped by students and teachers and guided by the objective to develop the potential of children and young people to its full. The aim of these (continuing) education opportunities is to enable children and young people to participate in society in an active, self-determined and responsible manner.

Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management Heilbronn-Franken gemeinnützige GmbH was originally founded by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation in 2001 under the name Akademie für Kommunikation und Information (Academy for Communications and Information) and has been supported and funded by the foundation ever since. This allows the institution to offer participants most of its programmes free of charge.

Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management Heilbronn-Franken gemeinnützige GmbH
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