Anpfiff ins Leben Heilbronn

Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. and FC Union Heilbronn

Investing in young talent means investing in the future. To foster young sports club members and support these young people on their career and life paths in the best possible way, the FC Union Heilbronn is committed to a new concept on 360-degree youth development. This concept is modelled after the support framework of the non-profit organisation Anpfiff ins Leben e.V., which supports the FC Union Heilbronn as a development partner during the implementation period.

Anpfiff ins Leben has been supporting athletes in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region since 2001. The organisation is represented in 12 locations and with 13 partner associations. With the commitment of the Dietmar Hopp Foundation and the support of the regional economy, Anpfiff ins Leben fosters young people in the areas of sports, education, career and social issues.

The conviction behind this concept is the positive effect of sports on the personal position and development of people. For this reason, Anpfiff ins Leben supports athletic talents, helps people cope with challenges and provides guidance on the development of their personality as well as chances to help them achieve their objectives.

On the initiative of the FC Union Heilbronn, the idea of this integrated support framework has been established in Heilbronn since 2019. Its aim is youth development following the example of Anpfiff ins Leben. The support programme ranges from opportunities related to trainer qualification, the implementation of age-appropriate training measures, education to social team projects as well as the support of the young players during their transition to working life.

The pilot project of the FC Union Heilbronn receives financial support from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation for a period of three years to make the wide-ranging portfolio of development programmes for young athletes possible.

More information can be found at and the offical project website:

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