Erzieherakademie Heilbronn

Academy for early childhood educators

A modern, practical and international institution for early childhood educators will soon open its doors at the Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation: Erzieherakademie Heilbronn. With the establishment of this professional school for social education in September 2019, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation wants to create a new opportunity for future early childhood educators in collaboration with its two education partners aim and Phorms Education.

What makes the academy for early childhood educators special is its focus on practical training (praxisintegrierte Ausbildung, PIA). The dual education system provides the perfect combination of theory and practice. During the three-year training period, the future early childhood educators both attend professional school (60%) and work at a daycare centre (40%), so the probationary year (Anerkennungsjahr) can be dropped. Interested candidates will be able to apply for 50 vacant training places each year. Training will be completed as a state-certified early childhood educator (staatlich anerkannter Erzieher).

The school is accommodated in the aim building, which provides ideal spatial and logistic conditions. It is sponsored by the educational organisation Phorms Education, which has been running the private bilingual school Josef-Schwarz-Schule in the region since 2012 and operates Heidelberg International School as well as 400 occupational daycare places for the Schwarz Gruppe.

On top of that, the aim contributes its expertise to the school concept as a competence centre for language support and works in close cooperation with the professional school.

Providing financial and infrastructural support to the institution, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation seeks to contribute to solving the shortage of skilled professionals in the daycare section.

Erzieherakademie Heilbronn
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D-74076 Heilbronn

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