Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut Heilbronn

Demonstrating opportunities of digitisation

The Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut (FSTI) of the Steinbeis Foundation is a research facility for digitisation and networking. It is part of the international Steinbeis network, which includes a large number of leading research and transfer institutions, as well as an affiliated institute (An-Institut) of Steinbeis University.

The main research focus is on economic and social changes resulting from increasing digitisation and networking. The aim of these research activities is to create tangible benefits both for all stakeholders and for the economy and society.

Since November 2019, the FSTI has been establishing another location at the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn to demonstrate opportunities of digitisation and expand the range of learning opportunities at the Bildungscampus as a transfer-oriented research institute. Another aim is to create links for innovative cooperation in research and education, which is to be realised in close collaboration with the (higher education) institutions accommodated at the Bildungscampus.

A representative of the German Regional Team of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut Heilbronn (FSTI HN) will also set up the first IIC Academy in the German-speaking world. Internationally proven digitisation concepts tried and tested in practice in a variety of enterprises serve as a basis for seminars and training sessions for students and entrepreneurs in the region. The Bildungscampus, too, is to benefit from the global reach of the IIC by organising on-site events of international visibility and with the involvement of the world’s leading corporate partners.

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports the development of the new research facility financially, while ensuring office space at the Bildungscampus on a long-term basis. Besides the Technical University of Munich, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and the Fraunhofer Institute, the FSTI HN will also be accommodated in premises of the tower building.

Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut Heilbronn der Steinbeis-Stiftung
Bildungscampus 9
D-74076 Heilbronn

Email: michael.koehnlein@steinbeis-fsti.de

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