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Training companies often look for trainees without success, and the number of vacant training places is constantly increasing. It is not only the trend towards studying but also the impact of the demographic change that makes it more difficult to get pupils interested in recognised trades. An increasing number of companies has to deal with the current issue of skills shortage, and this is exactly where the Talent Company comes into play.

The Strahlemann Foundation’s Talent Company is THE supporting framework for all topics related to career orientation at schools. It creates space for meetings of companies with pupils, provides a useful network for existing stakeholders and makes the versatile range more transparent. The perspective of young people starting out with disadvantages for training is particularly important: They are often hidden talents and the companies’ future experts.

Only around half of the pupils in Germany feel that they are adequately informed about their career opportunities, which caused the Strahlemann Foundation to establish the first Talent Company in 2009. Setting up a specialist room for career orientation, it has created a national model that makes professional life tangible as early as at school. With the Talent Company, the subject of career orientation at schools is gaining in importance. A long-term, sustainable local network for career orientation is established, which considers all partners and receives constant support from the Strahlemann Foundation. The approach is very well received by both companies and schools. The number of industry partners has already more than doubled at some schools.

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports both furnishing and operations of the specialist room for career orientation at Kopernikus-Realschule in Bad Mergentheim. This specialist room is also available to pupils of Eduard-Mörike-Schule, Deutschorden-Gymnasium and Lorenz-Fries-Schule.

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