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Teacher Foundations Programme

A programme of the Klaus Kurmann scholarship fund for student-teachers and graduate education students

The Teacher Foundations Programme (Studienkolleg) supports high-achieving, socially engaged student-teachers and graduate education students to become the educators who shape the education of tomorrow. In cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Foundation of German Business, the programme is currently run by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. Since 2007, 600 participants have successfully completed the programme, and about 400 are currently in it. It is part of the Klaus Murmann Scholarship Fund’s support of the gifted and talented.

The training programme is focused, on the one hand, on taking an interdisciplinary approach and addressing current socially relevant and pressing issues together with the students from all disciplines. On the other hand, networking specific to the professional discipline ensures that theory is put into practice.  Comprehensive school development and personal development training forms the programme’s core. The aim of the Teacher Foundations Programme is to strengthen the pedagogical mindset of the future educators, thus improving school and lesson quality. The scholarship recipients are supported and encouraged...

  • to experience self-efficacy,
  • to get to know and understand school development processes, and
  • to assume responsibility for the development processes.

The Teacher Foundations Programme pursues the vision of an equal-opportunity society where educators are able to act with self-efficacy, assuming the responsibility for fellow human beings and the environment. This mindset has to be instilled starting with school, and it takes teachers from all levels of the education system who see themselves as professionals shaping education and have a grasp of change processes as a development opportunity.

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