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The Heilbronn Haus der Familie is an institution that supports young families. It offers programmes and services related to family education in the City and Administrative District of Heilbronn. The institution seeks to support families from the very beginning and in the long run. It currently offers more than 700 courses, seminars and workshops in the areas of starting a family, support throughout the first year of life, services for children and young people as well as education.

The aim of these activities is to identify the needs of the children’s different stages in their development and create suitable programmes for them. These principles are the focus of the Haus der Familie institution, which was set up in Heilbronn more than 80 years ago.

Early childhood education is promoted in play groups and by playing music together. The services offered by the institution also include theatre visits in the “Känguruh Theater für Kinder” (Cangaroo Theatre for Children) series. Parenting skills are strengthened through lectures and workshops. Corporate holiday care serves to promote efforts to reconcile work and family life. Different cultures meet at the “Treffpunkt Familie” (Family Meeting Point). This way, the institution also contributes to integration.

The Haus der Familie also offers advanced training programmes for specialised staff in early childhood education as well as special projects. This includes the “Frauenwirtschaftstage” (Women’s Economy Days) or wellcome, which provides voluntary support to young parents.

The institution has been receiving financial support from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation since 2019.

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