Center for Advanced Studies (dhbw CAS)

The Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) is an institution focusing on postgraduate study programmes and continuing education opportunities of Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), the largest higher education institution to offer cooperative education in Germany. About half of the classes take place in Heilbronn, while the other fifty percent are held across the DHBW locations. The DHBW CAS offers 18 study programmes and specialisations with integrated on-the-job training in the fields of Business, Engineering, Social Work and Health. The students apply the knowledge gained during their master’s programme directly in practice and contribute work-related issues to their studies. Thanks to the diverse range of modules, they choose the study contents they need for themselves and their employer individually and precisely geared towards their previous technical knowledge, professional and personal goals.

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation supports the CAS by providing premises at the Bildungscampus and taking care of their initial equipment, for example.


Bildungscampus 13
D-74076 Heilbronn

Phone: +49 7131 3898-0
Email: info@cas.dhbw.de

Contact at the Foundation


Sandra Kahl
Phone: +49 7132 30-7019

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