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It all starts with reading. Reading has to be part of everyone’s childhood and youth to ensure equal educational opportunities. With more than 100 projects and programmes, Stiftung Lesen is committed to this statement.

To make sure that reading is fun for pupils and children and young people are introduced to reading in a playful and imaginative manner, Stiftung Lesen has created a new programme for the 2018/2019 school year in cooperation with the Dieter Schwarz Foundation: the establishment of reading clubs at schools in the Heilbronn region.

Providing financial support, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation makes it possible to set up the reading clubs at various schools.

Since 2013, Stiftung Lesen has set up around 400 reading clubs, equipping them with around 350,000 media, including books, games, magazines and digital media. Alongside the media equipment, comfortable places to sit create a cosy atmosphere. This way, recreational activities can be offered several times a week for different age groups.

The common goal is to establish and develop supportive reading programmes at schools on a regular basis for children aged 6 years and above, thereby increasing their motivation to read and promoting linguistic skills.

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