Inklusive Bildung Baden-Württemberg

Initiative for inclusive education

Inklusive Bildung Baden-Württemberg (inclusive education in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg) is a project brought into being by the Fachschule für Sozialwesen (professional school for social services) of Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach and Institut für Inklusive Bildung (institute for inclusive education) based in Kiel. The initiative seeks to train people with intellectual disabilities to become educational professionals, enabling them to teach at technical colleges and universities in their own interest. Even the most dedicated experts and managers often lack knowledge or experience in terms of how inclusion can be successfully implemented in practice.

Since October 2017, six persons with disabilities have already been receiving training to become educational professionals. The comprehensive qualification is a three-year full-time programme carried out by specialised educational staff at the Fachschule für Sozialwesen of Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach in Neckarbischofsheim.

Following the principle “Nothing about us without us!”, people with disabilities should be more involved in the training of teaching staff, experts and mangers and get a chance to speak. The aim is to integrate their expertise effectively into vocational training and study programmes in the future.

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In workshops, presentations and seminars extending over semesters, they will then train (future) teaching staff, experts and managers. The educational professionals raise awareness for the living and working conditions of people with disabilities, their specific needs and the chances of inclusion. This way, inclusion is not only communicated in theory, it can also be experienced directly in the process of communication.

The innovative project receives financial support from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation to train educational professionals in the best possible way.

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