NANU?! Competition

“New insights from science lessons“

NANU?! stands for the German phrase “Neues aus dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht”, which can be roughly translated as “New insights from science lessons”. This schools competition was brought into being by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Baden-Württemberg.

It has acknowledged projects related to science/technology, social sciences and cultural sciences developed by Realschulen (intermediate secondary schools) since 1997. The idea behind the competition is to promote teaching with scientific questions and working methods. The prize-winning projects can result either from regular class or from working groups of the schools, reinforcing the joy of experimenting and exploring scientific contexts and phenomena.

With NANU?!, pupils get the chance to experiment and get involved in specific questions from the fields of Biology, Natural Phenomena and Technology (BNT), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Scientific Working (Naturwissenschaftliches Arbeiten, NWA) or Technology. By documenting and presenting the results obtained during research, the NANU?! competition also strengthens the transfer of scientific, technological, methodological, social and personal skills.

The competition is supported by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, the Baden-Württemberg Chemical Associations and the Chemical Industry Fund.

From 2019, the award ceremony will take place every two years at the experimenta in Heilbronn.

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