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School Prize of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation

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Digital media are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. This makes it crucial that schools advance in this field. With our School Prize competition, we seek to inspire both teachers and pupils to think about how digital media and digital possibilities can be used productively in the learning process.

Silke Lohmiller, Managing Director Dieter Schwarz Foundation

I am glad that we can support the schools with the prize money in accompanying their pupils on the way to a well-reflected use of digital media.

Tatjana Linke, Managing Director aim


Since 2011, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation has been offering a school prize for the best media concept in cooperation with the Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management (aim). Schools providing a concept for the use of digital media in educational contexts are honoured with prizes of a total value of 100,000 euros. The main focus of these concepts should be to support pupils as active and critical participants in a digital media society. With this award, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation seeks to encourage schools in their plans and initiatives. The award-winning media concepts are distinguished by the fact that they have a lasting impact on specialised teaching and advance the schools in the field of digitisation in the long run.

The prize is awarded every two years in the assembly hall (Aula) at the Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. Schools of all types and class levels may participate in the competition.

Apply now for the School Prize of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation with your media concept!


In the selection of the best concepts, what matters is the productive and cooperative use of media with an activating effect on the pupils as well as the sustainability of the project. School-integrated/teaching-integrated media use, which is to follow the guiding perspectives of the curriculum, is also important.


The jury is composed of a four-member team of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, the aim, the experimenta and Freiburg University of Education. The jury members combine the skills and expertise that are important for the use of digital media in class.

Silke Lohmiller

Managing Director Dieter Schwarz Foundation

Tatjana Linke

Managing Director aim

Dr. habil. Wolfgang Hansch

Managing Director experimenta

Prof. Dr. Thomas Raith

Professor at Freiburg
University of Education


Schools are honoured with prizes of a total value of more than 100,000 euros, awarded among five prize-winning schools as follows:


30.000 EURO

25.000 EURO

30.000 EURO

20.000 EURO

15.000 EURO

10.000 EURO

25.000 EURO

20.000 EURO

15.000 EURO

10.000 EURO

In addition to the five grand prize winners, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation awards honorary prizes, each worth 2,000 euros in prize money.


Would you like to participate in the next School Prize competition of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation with your school? Just complete the registration form below to register your school for the kick-off event in January 2019. The aim will then send you a confirmation and any other information by email. Please note that you can register for participation in the kick-off event only via the registration form below. You do not have to participate in the kick-off event in order to participate in the School Prize competition.

Process School Prize Competition

  1. Registration

    Register for the School Prize competition via the registration form.

  2. Attend information meeting

    Attend our meeting on 19 July 2019 starting at 2:00 p.m. at the aim to obtain further information and participate in workshops to prepare for the competition.

  3. Develop media concept

    Develop your media concept over the year.

  4. Meet deadline

    Submit the completed media concept and your application in a digital format to the aim by 4 November 2019 at the latest:

  5. First selection phase

    We will invite the schools with the 20 best projects for a pitch presentation on 24/25 January 2020.

  6. Award ceremony

    The award ceremony of the School Prize will then take place in the first week of March 2020.


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I have read and understood the Privacy Policy. I agree that my data (name, contact details, school) will be processed by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and be shared with its cooperation partner Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management (aim) to complete my request.

In this section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Müssen die Konzepte bereits vollständig an der Schule umgesetzt sein?

Nein, die Konzeptelemente müssen noch nicht komplett umgesetzt sein. Jedoch sollten bereits erste Ansätze vorhanden sein und in Ihrer Bewerbung – neben der geplanten Konzeption – auch der Status quo sowie Ihre Erfahrungen dargestellt werden.

Können mehrere Bewerbungen pro Schule eingereicht werden?

Nein. Da es sich um Schulkonzepte handelt, ist nur eine Einreichung pro Schule möglich.

Ich bin Referendar. Kann ich ebenfalls teilnehmen?

Jede an einer Schule tätige (angehende) Lehrkraft kann eine Bewerbung einreichen. Beachten Sie jedoch, dass die Bewerbung im Namen der Schule, an der Sie tätig sind, gilt. Der etwaige Gewinn wird der Schule zugesprochen, nicht der einreichenden Lehrkraft.

Es wurde u.a. ein Musikvideo erstellt, die Rechte sind aber noch nicht geklärt. Was tun?

Die von Ihnen eingereichten Unterlagen bzw. digitalen Elemente werden nur intern gesichtet. Es findet keine Veröffentlichung statt. Daher können Sie auch solche Elemente einreichen. Wir bitten jedoch um einen entsprechenden Vermerk.

Wir sind in einem Schulverbund mit einer anderen Schule. Können wir ein gemeinsames Konzept einreichen?

Selbstverständlich können Sie ein gemeinsames Konzept einreichen. Bitte vermerken Sie auf der Bewerbung, das es sich um das Gemeinschaftskonzept mehrerer Schulen handelt.

Do you have any questions regarding the School Prize competition?

Jury member Prof. Dr. Thomas Raith will be happy to answer your questions relating to the selection criteria, conditions of participation, issues regarding the content of the media concept and much more!

Contact at aim (for any questions related to the School Prize):

Dr. Eva-Carolina Doll

Phone: +49 7131 3909-7360

Contact at the Dieter Schwarz Foundation (Project Manager, Public Relations):

Stefanie Geiges

Phone: +49 7132 30-7032